Train Indoors

Train Indoors.

Don’t let weather get in the way of play. Our indoor gym floors provide the traction, shock absorption and look of traditional hardwood courts without the need for yearly re-surfacing. So, come rain or shine, your gym will be ready to go.

Play Outdoors.

Sports bring communities together. Turn your unused field or existing concrete court into a gathering place where all can play safely. Create a space that fosters friendships, strengthens values and builds champions.

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Sport Court has partnered with Curry Brand to build a safe place for kids to grow, learn and have access to sport in Oakland. Together we can Change The Game For Good.


Trust the Champions - we're on your team.


Building an indoor or outdoor court seems easy, but it is a complex job. From creating a level base to navigating the local building codes, this is a job for a local professional. Unlike other game court manufactures, Sport Court doesn’t sell to contractors or one-off builders. We only allow Sport Court CourtBuilders™ to build our courts and we require them to be located in your area. They are licensed, insured and bonded and have undergone appropriate training, meaning your facility will be done right the first time and will last a lifetime.


Can't decide which sport to feature at your facility? Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Basketball and volleyball are always a popular choice. Trust the experts and provide them all! Sport Court CourtBuilders can design the multi-sport court to meet your community's specific needs.


"Sport Court is the only company to construct and design your basketball courts. During my multi-year planning process I researched every possible option, and there is no one even close to the caliber of Sport Court. You will not be disappointed.”

Jordan Meinster | CEO & Founder, PickUp USA
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